Our Member Service & Refund Policy


Our service is all about discovering local experiences, things to do, places to stay and finding great offers for our members that are sold as discounted Experience Vouchers on behalf of our participating merchants.

To sign up for your free membership simply register with us, or browse the site, elect to make a purchase and select the option to become a new member upon checkout. It's that easy. Your Membership ensures that you receive only quality notifications – alerts on the latest merchant deals, best things to do and experiences through often-exclusive promotional offers.

What to Expect

When you join, you gain access to incredible savings through our unique deals on experiences, goods, services and gift options. We offer deeply discounted rates, service upgrades, packaged promotions, flash deals and daily specials. You also have access to hundreds to thousands of dollars in free coupon offers and so much more.

We are able to get great deals for our Members because our participating merchants are committed to your satisfaction. Together, our goal is to have our members experience the best of what Quebec has to offer.

As a starter, we offer our in-house flexible 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Our Members satisfaction is our top priority and we want you to be happy with our service and our merchant offers. Your purchase agreement is with the partner merchant who is listing the experience, service or goods that they are advertising on our site. The refund policies listed on the vouchers will apply, also see Members Notice and refund details below for more details and exceptions.

For any refunds or service inquires, simply contact us at [email protected], fill in the inquiry form and we will do our very best to respond quickly to confirm your refund and or to resolve your situation as well as answer any questions you may have.

Please allow up to two weeks for your reimbursement to show up on your credit card statement.

Members Notice: Certain types of promotions, member experience offers, goods and services listed on the site may be identified as Final Sale Non-Refundable. These offers, goods and services are often deeply discounted, one of a kind offers, time or use sensitive and are not subject to our regular refund policy and are not admissible for any refund by us. However, in some cases the merchant's policy may apply and any refund or credit is strictly between you and the merchant.


(Also See Tickets, Shows & Events, Travel & Lodging, Products,)

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have 14 days as of the date of purchase to request a refund for any regular unused voucher you have purchased unless otherwise stated in the fine print or Details Section.

Experience Vouchers are automatically redeemed and considered used when:

1. You have presented the voucher or used the voucher code therefore redeemed it to receive a service.

2. A Booking or Reservation time has been made and confirmed by a merchant.

3. Delivery details have been sent to the Order Supplier/Merchant.

4. The voucher is a ticket to an event e.g. a concert, show or sporting event.

Simply contact us by email for a full refund within the 14 days of the date of purchase. In some cases, Merchants may need to verify the use or non-use of the vouchers prior to the final refund being issued.

Please note, we can only refund the paid portion of any unused, new voucher and that all refunds will be issued towards the same purchasing credit/debit card number or other exact same payment mechanism that was used, without exception.After 14 days, all sales are final, no exceptions unless otherwise stated in the fine print. Please allow two weeks for any refunds to show up on your card.

Our Responsibility

Our commitment to members is to work with only exciting, high quality merchants of good standing and reputation. Our merchants are bound by contract to fully honour their obligations to our members. Due to the nature of our business, once the merchant is paid from the sale of the vouchers, we are no longer legally responsible. This is inclusive of the merchant not being able to fulfill its obligations for reasons such as bankruptcy, business interruption, closure or other. However, we will act on behalf of our members to pursue any merchant to correctly compensate any member for vouchers that cannot be used within our stated policy. And if we cannot reach a settlement with the merchant, based on our determination we may elect to exchange your valid vouchers for the amount paid in exchange for Quebec Attractions credits “Rewards Points” that can be used against future purchases on our site, some restriction may apply.

Expired Vouchers

After the expiration date of the voucher, there is no possibility of a refund or credit from us. It is important to verify the voucher expiration date upon purchase and then make all efforts to redeem your voucher with the merchant prior to the expiration. In doing this, you will be able to take advantage of any savings, promotional value of the vouchers without a loss. For residents of Quebec, the merchant may be obligated to honour the voucher after expiration however, only for the amount that was paid. For residents and promotions elsewhere in Canada or the USA, the provincial, state and federal laws apply. Please note that some exceptions apply for some services that are defined and must be used for a predetermined time, event or season, also these vouchers can lose the full value, or portions of its value and the merchant may be under no obligation whatsoever to honour the voucher after expiration.


Wide Open Dates- Are Fully Refundable for Shows, Events Festivals and Concert subject to the same 14-day refund policy as stated above for regular vouchers, with the condition that the Voucher was purchased at least 21 days in advance of the start of the event. There are No Refunds during and after the scheduled event dates even if you did not show up and missed the event.

Date Specific -

Vouchers for use as tickets or for use in exchange for tickets for date specific Shows, Events, Festivals and Concerts are Non-Refundable. The voucher is valid only on the specific event date, or on limited/pre-selected show times identified on the vouchers and or on the exact time, date selected at the time of purchase or by way of the reservation. If the Voucher is not used on a specified time and date(s), the entire value is forfeited. If you miss an event, time and date, there is no refund. However, canceled events are Fully Refunded and for rescheduled events, if you are unable to make the new scheduled date(s) for the event, you are entitled to a refund upon request within our refund policy guidelines. Your refund conditions will be mentioned on offer details and on the voucher


Once a reservation is made or a voucher is redeemed you are subject to the Merchant's policy. In the majority of cases, unused vouchers for Travel & Lodging are refundable within 14 days of the date of purchase. The voucher must be new, unused, this means that your voucher, voucher codes or scan codes where not used, provided to the merchant or its agent to make a reservation, a booking or stay and it has not been redeemed in anyway with the merchant within the 14-day time period.

Once a booking is made with the merchant, travel company, hotel, travel provider, a reservation service or other the Voucher is redeemed and is not eligible for refund by us. Your agreement is between you and the merchant, it is your responsibility to read the offer details provided by the merchant as some of the regular Voucher-based Travel and Lodging offers may only be available for use during limited time windows, as an example Sunday through to Thursday, not a weekend stay. There could be upgrade costs, special dates of use, blackout dates that may apply and other restrictions. After 14 days, all promotional voucher sales are final, however in certain cases the policy of the merchant would apply and all inquiries for refunds, credits, use are between you and the merchant.

Travel & Lodging Third Party Fees and Special Taxes

We advise that when making your reservation or confirming a booking with the merchant or it's agent that you ask if there are any additional fees, room taxes, airport taxes levied for your stay or trip. We assume no responsibility or liability for any third-party fees, room taxes, surcharges or airport taxes or any other that you may be asked or required to pay.


Due to the deep discounts and limited quantities available all Sales are considered Promotional “Final Sales”, No Refunds and No Returns unless otherwise stated in the details and fine print located on the merchant’s promotional offer page.

If you received a different product from what you ordered or the product is defective or was damaged we will do our best to correct the order, replace the product or offer a full refund. You must contact us by email within 5 days of receiving the shipment and you must return the product in its original packaging to the merchant and in its new condition as it was when received within 14 business days following the delivery date.

The product must be returned unused and unopened with the only exception being a defective and or damaged product and these products must be returned it their entirety and in their original packaging, in the same state as when received. For damaged products as a result of shipping a photo may be requested by us for the shipping company as part of the claim for damages.

Refunds for products are normally processed within 30 Days and for a defective and damaged product the merchant or merchants’ agent will examine the product prior to a refund being issued and any products damaged by way of use, or lack of care, abuse and have been deemed tampered with are not eligible for a refund. We reserve the right not to refund you for any Product returned, incomplete, damaged or in an otherwise unsellable condition.

We reserve the full right to cancel and refund any order at any time for any reason whatsoever and in such cases, would notify you in advance by way of email.

Shipping and Delivery

We only ship to one address per order and only to addresses within Canada. Certain restrictions may apply depending on the address provided and there could be additional shipping charges based on your address. If you are paying by PayPal the shipment can only be shipped to the address of record for PayPal.